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To make the Indian society financially aware, thereby enabling citizens to take decisions and actions that lead to their financial wellbeing.


Educate, mentor and coach members of all sections of the society, through means both digital and non-digital, so as to increase the level of financial awareness and equip them with all tools and information necessary to take financial decisions leading to financial wellbeing.

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness is having control over day to day finances; having the capacity to absorb a financial shock; being on track to meet financial goals and having the financial freedom to make choices that allow you to enjoy life. Financial Wellbeing reduces stress and has a positive impact on professional and personal life.

Financial Education

Unbiased, Customised and Engaging sessions designed to impart knowledge on financial concepts and principles. These sessions are also integrated with Company benefits.

Financial Competency

Continuous reinforcement of principles and application of these in daily life. This is done through social media, blogs as well as follow up sessions. Reinforcement is critical if the concepts and principles are to be applied in daily life

Financial Habits

Financial Knowledge and its application to daily life results in the formation of good financial habits, thereby leading to Financial Wellbeing. Small wins results in the building up of confidence to manage ones financial affairs.

Why Financial Wellness @ Work

  • Finances are a major stressor

    As per the PWC 2016 Employee Financial Wellness Survey, 52% of the employees are stressed about their finances. In a business environment that is increasingly challenging, demands on employees are ever increasing. Financial stress is a major distractor and adversely impacts employee morale and productivity

  • Employees need and want the support

    Financial advice by Banks and other financial institutions is often driven by commissions and often with an unstated expectation for future business. That’s the reason that this is offered many times on a ‘no cost’ basis. Employees are aware of this and need advice and counselling that is totally unbiased which can be fully depended upon.

  • Improves Engagement and Builds Loyalty

    The fact that the employer is concerned with the long term financial health and well-being of an employee, goes a long way in improving engagement and building loyalty. In the ever raging ‘war for talent’, a well-defined and comprehensive Financial Wellness program could prove to be a key differentiator.

  • Decreases distractions and increases productivity

    Once employees have a robust plan to achieve financial wellness and are taking actions towards that objective, they become less stressed and more focused. Productivity goes up as financial stress has been dealt with and is no longer a ‘pricking needle’ that is constantly taking away attention from the task at hand.

One Size does Not Fit All

A well designed financial education program cannot be generic. It needs to incorporate the difference in age, income and culture. It has to focus on the specific needs of the learners and should not consist of a broad-brushed download of financial concepts.


Each individual and family have their own unique set of circumstances and objectives. While principles are universal, their application to individual circumstances often needs personalised support

Deep Expertise

Personalised Coaching is based on my>25 years of experience in Finance and observing human behaviour. Its about using this expertise to support you to achieve your financial goals.

Behaviour focused

Focus is not only on the numbers but also the behaviours. Actions are rarely based on an excel sheet model. Behaviour and ‘mind set’ is critical in achieving financial goals. It is here that coaching can help

Your Goals

You set the goal and we work together to achieve it. That is the basic premise of the relationship. This will keep you involved, motivated and fully engaged. I will of course nudge you, now and then, to stay on course.

Welcome to NAPFINCO Coaching

Personalised Financial Coaching helps individuals, couples and families develop financial skills and behaviours that can be improved upon independently, to achieve their financial objectives.