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Financial Education cannot be generic and must be structured based on the needs of the learners. Age, income and cultural differences need to be incorporated in any high-quality Financial Education curriculum.  For instance, the learning content for a 30 year old cannot be replicated for a 50 year old. The 30 year old will have different priorities and expectations than a 50 year old – as both are in different stages of their life/career and have different priorities.

Research has also indicated that financial support is at its most useful when it helps resolve a specific problem or assist in a decision that involves a significant financial outlay. For e.g. Purchase of a house.

Napfinco has developed a unique and proprietary education methodology based on these facts.

Napfinco Life Stage |Priority Matrix©

The Napfinco Life Stage | Priority Matrix© prioritises those areas of Personal Finance that need focus at a particular life stage. Even though a topic may be relevant to that Life Stage, the emphasis is calibrated on the basis of the degree of relevance.

Napfinco Life Events©

The Napfinco Life Events© curriculum specifically focuses on specific financial questions and their answers. Some of these modules are:

Deploying this methodology will result in a comprehensive Financial Education solution that enables financial wellbeing.